Taylormade USA and Trizz

Nice project and proposal from Trizz. I worked here as 3d generalist doing camera layout, animation and several particles and fluids simulations.

From Trizz:

Keeping their eye on the SDLR Iron, Trizz were delighted to create this all CGI TVC for agency Zambezi and production, TEG.
With modern and innovative direction and design, Trizz showcases the high-tech craftsmanship behind TaylorMade’s SLDR iron for the new ad entitled “Beautiful Machine,” out of Venice-based agency Zambezi.
Unlocking Zambezi’s creative idea on the clubs formation out of fluids was the first step, then taking it further, by using technically precise impact engineering data, the agency welcomed Oriol Puig’s proposal (Trizz Director and studio co-founder), to artfully show with that data a graphically accurate journey of how the energy spreads as the club strikes the ball at its sweet-spot! Bam. No Slice!


Client: Taylor Made USA
Product: SLDR IRON
Agency: Zambezi USA
Production Company: The Ebeling Group
Direction: Trizz

From Trizz:

Animation & design direction: Trizz
Trizz production: Oriol Vives
Trizz animation TD: Gerard Cases
3D Generalist: Alvaro Ucha
3D Generalist: Kiko Navarro
Lighting & rendering: Alex Martin
Compositing: Albert García
Music: Flow-Audio